We cater for uninterrupted and lasting hygiene in the food industry.

natural active agents

How does it work?

The combination of active substances and application by means of cold atomization or nozzles generates billions of finest particles (aerosols), which unfold their effect in the room air and on surfaces.

Our active substances

highly effective, efficient and safe

Our technology

retrofitable, modular and scalable

Your benefits

safeguarded product hygiene, higher availability of facilities, highest environmental and quality standards

In which process steps can we support you?

Solutions from AirSolution can be implemented along the entire production process of various food industries – from raw products to packaging.

Filling systems

Conveyor belts


Cold stores

Packaging systems

Ventilation systems

Reference projects

Our customers come from diverse industry sectors:

Meat processing

Fish processing

Poultry processing

Dairy products

Vegetarian / vegan products

Fruit & Vegetables

Sweets production



Let us take a look at your processes.

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