Research & Development

Innovation at AirSolution means…
                                                                …asking the right questions.


The foundations for AirSolution laid in 2000. Already back then, his drive was to find an innovative solution that does not even allow infections to develop, that prolongs the shelf-life of food products, but does not additionally pollute the environment.

Today, the then-futuristic developments are indispensable technologies that determine our everyday life without having to think about them.


Developing an innovative combination of a nebulization technology and the use of active ingredients in order to effectively eliminate germs in indoor air and on surfaces, was a milestone of AirSolution and, still today, its efficacy is unique worldwide.


The NO-TOUCH DISINFECTION with the natural ingredients of AirSolution has become an international byword for natural disinfection and hygiene. Thanks to the intense research and development, AirSolution offers today thoroughly tested solutions beyond the effective germ elimination in indoor air and on surfaces, and continuously enters the market with new generations of active ingredients.


The activities of the Research and Development Centre concentrate in Bremen/Germany. In addition, we enhance our creativity in existing co-operations by continuously identifying further options for product development.



Research areas at AirSolution


Research and development in the FOOD area focuses on making food safety more biologic and natural again. Producing and processing food should involve less additives and be more natural again – without extra costs.



In the research area NON-FOOD, we concentrate our development strategy, directed at the general public, on introducing new product lines to different markets. It is about new solutions in air conditioning and ventilation systems for public health.


Global challenges

In the coming years, questions will arise that want to be answered. Germs, bacteria, risks of infections and weak immune systems – not least because of environmental influences – mean a risk we do not see but which influences our lives more and more. From this point of view, hygiene security and disinfection as well as protection against germs are more and more important. When considering all these risks, AirSolution not only solves problems but also offers preventive security solutions. We are active on 4 continents, so that we can support you with our global footprint everywhere in the world.