Operating principle

Our solutions consist of two perfectly harmonized components: its active agents and the associated application technology.

Our equipment atomizes the mixture of active agents into extremely fine particles. The result is an ultra-fine cold mist, which caters for a durable hygienic atmosphere and surfaces in various application areas.

The specifically developed application technology enables finest atomization of active agents and homogeneous application. On the one hand, the fine atomization creates an enormous reaction surface, and on the other hand, it results in particles that do not sediment immediately, but remain suspended in the room air for a long time. Only when the mixture of active agents comes into contact with particles in the room air or on surfaces the finely atomized active agents will react.

The result: In addition to improving room and surface hygiene, the complete reachability of all surfaces actively eliminates biofilm on processing equipment and process technologies, which also significantly reduces corrosion caused by biofilms.

Although our active agents are also successfully used for shock disinfection (e.g. tunnel cleaning after production), the greatest advantages are revealed in a different application, namely the permanent application of small amounts of active agents.

This has above all two main advantages:

1) permanently low germ load instead of fluctuating hygiene

2) continuous work without special protective measures, while at the same time complying with the relevant TLV values.

Our principles:
Permanent hygienization instead of shock disinfection.
As little active agents as possible, but as much as necessary.

Our principles:
Permanent hygienization instead of shock disinfection.
As little active agents as possible, but as much as necessary.

Droplet size distribution and cumulative frequency: 85% of our generated particles are ≤ 10µm

uninterrupted production – reduction of downtime – higher profits

Ultrafine atomization via cold atomization has many advantages:

small droplet size

The generated aerosols float in the air for a long time and reach surfaces that otherwise would be unreachable. In this way hygiene is complete.

large reaction surface

This enables maximum effectiveness of the active agents at low dosages. This protects the environment and the budget.

ideal integration

No condensate is formed, and there is no thermal entry. This protects facilities and products.

The advantages of cold atomization also become visible in the comparison of technologies:

CRITERIA AirSolution cold mist UV-C radiation
Investment costs = =
Wide range of applications along the process chain (various plant parts, products, packaging,…) Direct application only allowed for drinking water, hard cheese during storage and surfaces of fruit and vegetable products.
Low power consumption
Parts subject to wear can be easily replaced
Service and maintenance costs moderate substantial
Reaches even non-visible parts of the plant
To be used / changed in a flexible manner
No additional occupational safety measures needed (such as shielding, radiation protection,…)

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