How we proceed

AirSolution technology can be retrofitted to existing plants or is an integral part of new plants.

Permanently installed, mobile or temporary.

Our application technology is based on your needs.

We always consider your entire process and environmental factors. Then we propose appropriate interventions.

With more than 20 years of experience from various food industries and applications, we are here to assist you with respect to your equipment and goals.

We look at your current status (facilities, premises, hygienic parameters) together with you, discuss your goals and then propose an implementation plan. The application technology is designed in such a flexible way that it will fit seamlessly and intelligently into your existing structure. Usually, there is no need for rebuilding or complicated installation work.

Moreover, the modular design of our systems implies that you are also well prepared for future changes. Whether you want to move individual atomizer modules to a different location or add additional ones – you can count on AirSolution systems.

Up to 12 atomizer modules per THOR system are controlled in a flexible manner and for fine dosage.

You would like to retrofit your facilities with disinfection technology?

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