Discover in which processing units AirSolution can support you.

Uninterrupted hygiene along the entire process chain is essential for consistently high product quality.

Frequently, negative influencing factors are not clearly identifiable. Therefore, in many cases, we accompany a product seamlessly from goods receipt to outgoing goods. This is how we create the best protection possible.

Among others, AirSolution technology works in the following plant components:

Ventilation systems

We ensure germ-free ventilation ducts and conditioned room air in all relevant production and packaging areas. This protects against environmental influences and reduces costs for energy and filters.

Tunnels & enclosures

Continuous disinfection of surfaces, even of those that are not visible. This process is often combined with laminar flow for optimum reachability of all surfaces and perfect protection of the product.

Cooling, storage and ripening rooms

Even with low air exchange, we ensure a controlled microbiological atmosphere and surface hygiene by means of precise dosing.

Slicer lines

Our mist of active agents ensures permanent knife disinfection and thus low germ contamination from the beginning to the end of the shift.

Filling and closing systems

Whether it is the disinfection of packaging (cups, films, etc.) or the headspace – with AirSolution you prevent contamination effectively.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts are gently and permanently sterilised during each rotation. It reduces the risk of spreading contamination over large areas.

Packaging systems

The shelf life is safeguarded through packaging and air sterilization even in the final process step.

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