Application technology


Along with our active ingredients, the application technology is the second key to success.

We have only one claim on the technology:
it has to work well.

We have the concentrated knowledge of more than 20 years of market experience and countless customer projects. The results are mature, industry-tried and tested and durable systems.

We use only high quality materials and components. Wherever possible, we install internationally available standard components – so that there are no or only short downtimes even in the event of service.

AirSolution systems are either permanently installed (THOR system) or mobile (STREAMER & PICK-UP) systems. In many cases, our plant components can be flexibly combined and thus ideally adapted to the present circumstances.

Each unit is subject to a 100% functional test before delivery.

Atomizer module for THOR hygiene system with 3-way hygiene valve. Fully automatic emptying of the chamber, robust design, fail-safe.

Hygiene – at locations where others fail.

with perfect precision

By means of nozzles, lances, outlets, etc. specially manufactured for you, we bring the active agents mist exactly to the place where it is needed. No waste at all.

scalpel instead of sledgehammer

Each individual atomizer unit can be finely dosed and thus shows the greatest possible sensitivity for the respective application site. Infinitely adjustable output rates from as little as 10ml / hour up to 200ml / hour allow precise adjustments to your hygiene requirements.


Line lengths, installation locations, tank sizes, etc., all this is adapted to your conditions within the scope of technical possibilities – and not the other way round.

low maintenance

Our systems are largely maintenance-free. Where they are not, we make it easy for you. You can replace atomizer modules by yourself within a few minutes using quick-release couplings.

hygienic design & materials

It goes without saying that all materials used are food-safe. But let’s think ahead. Right from the plant design stage, we gear everything to subsequent use in food production. We pay attention to easy-to-clean surfaces (no grooves, no hard-to-reach corners) and resistant materials.


External releases, schedules, pre-fogging, automatic cleaning, dry run protection, fine dosing capability and much more is standard in our products. These clever features enable you to operate economically and safely in sync with your production.

Three different plants – all possibilities.

THOR hygiene station

fixed installation, permanent application
THOR is the ultimate solution for full operation in flexible expansion stages up to 12 atomization modules. The modules are integrated directly into your facilities (ventilation, machines,…) and controlled individually. It provides permanent disinfection of indoor air and surfaces.


mobile safeguarding of hygiene
It is mainly used for disinfection of indoor air in refrigeration, ripening and storage rooms, as well as in production halls. It is easy to move and can therefore be used in a flexible way. The amount of agents applied can be continuously adjusted by means of a potentiometer for optimum adaptation to the room sizes.


mobile, temporary
It is used for mobile and mostly temporary disinfection at individual machines. External release for direct coupling to equipment included. It disposes of a PLC control and a self-explanatory display with visualisations. Compact device with a weight of only 15 kg.

We will be happy to help you choose the best application technology for you.

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