Our active agents

The result of years of research and expertise in application.

AirSolution L.O.G. active agents are well-tolerated, antimicrobial liquids based on originally encountered raw materials. By using only carefully selected ingredients, we deliberately avoid both, alcoholic components and other chemical substances of concern. In combination with an application technology which is particularly adapted to our mixture of active agents, our L.O.G. active agents form the basis for (preventive) air and surface disinfection in the processing environment.

The antimicrobial effect is based on an elaborate manufacturing process, as well as on the specific properties of the ingredients and active agents and their synergetic interaction. Our mixture of active agents renders microorganisms harmless by penetrating them and disrupting their metabolism in a targeted way. Due to the high effectiveness of the ingredients as well as their intensifying interactions, the cutting-edge AirSolution active agents are effective even at a very low concentration.

9 good reasons

9 good reasons

Ready-to-use mixture

Colourless, clear liquid on aqueous basis.

Natural ingredients

Conscious avoidance of alcoholic and chemically harmful substances (such as silver ions).

Environmentally friendly & free of allergens

Residue-free formulation. Decomposition into water and oxygen.

Free of declaration on the food

Expert reports classify it as food processing aid with biocidal effect.

Compatible with materials

No corrosive effect, no pollution of facilities.

No hazardous material

Easy and cost-effective handling during transportation, storage and application.


Occupational exposure limit / TLV values well below maximum permissible limits. Extremely fine dosed.


Application during ongoing operation and production.

Kosher- & halal approvals

Tested and approved for highest demands.

Efficacy test according to DIN EN 13697 & DGHM standard method

L.O.G. four has proven antimicrobial effect against bacteria, yeasts and mold. In particular, the effectiveness against pathogens (including salmonella and listeria) is DIN EN tested and confirmed by expert reports.

Strains Log reduction with L.O.G. four
Staphylococcus aureus > 6.80
Enterococcus hirae > 6.60
Pseudomonas aeruginosa > 5.84
Escherichia coli (E.coli) > 5.87
Candida albicans > 6.10
Aspergillus brasiliensis > 6.35
Listeria monocytogenes > 5.80
Salmonella enterica > 6.29
Cronobacter sakazakii > 7.28
Bacillus subtilis > 5.61

Every batch of active agents produced is subject to stringent quality assurance. This is how we ensure consistently high product quality.

Our mixtures of active agents are constantly in stock. You benefit from fast availability and perfect logistics. The active agents are filled as standard in IBCs of 1,000 litres or canisters of 20 litres. IBCs are often used in stationary facilities, whereas the easy-to-handle 20 litre canister allows easy filling of storage tanks or uncomplicated handling in mobile / temporary applications.

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